Fentrend helps Grand Street Development Source Alternative Supplier

Under aggressive time constraints, Fentrend was able to deliver a solution that met both budget and acoustic needs.

Fentrend delivers a solution on time and according to spec.

Fentrend’s industry expertise allows us to quickly find the right product for a project, even under extreme time and specification requirements. Recently, we were contacted by the developer of a 71-unit residential building in New York City with an urgent matter. After the developer’s architect and GC had selected and signed a contract for a window package, it was discovered that the building would need to meet an Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class (OITC) acoustical rating of at least 33, as established by ASTM testing reports, and the contracted window manufacturer could not achieve better than OITC 31. It needed to find a new supplier and sign a new contract within 3 weeks.

Fentrend ran the window package against our database and identified a supplier that had matching products rated to OITC 33, though it did not yet have a NFRC testing report. We encouraged the supplier to obtain the report, and when it confirmed the OITC 33 rating, we introduced it to the developer and they signed a contract that week. Without Fentrend, the developer would have been scrambling to make cold-calls to potentially dozens of suppliers to try to find a matching product.

The developer was impressed by Fentrend’s “simplified and expedited” process and was thankful that Fentrend “introduced us to options we did not know existed.” The developer was so happy with Fentrend’s service that it immediately asked us to identify products for its next project, a 50-unit residential building also in New York City.

Dean Marchi

Simplified and expedited the process as well as introduced us to options we did not know existed.

Dean Marchi

CEO | Grand St Development

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