Manhattan Gets its First Certified Passive House

Historic Landmark Townhouse Receives Dual Certification

Baxt Ingui deilvers the first Historic Landmark!

An environmentally-conscious homeowner was committed to renovating his Manhattan townhouse so that it would comply with the cutting-edge of energy efficiency standards – Platinum LEED and Passive House Certified. To satisfy these exacting requirements, he would need to create an air-tight envelope that could only be achieved with high-performance, triple-paned windows and doors.

Initial expectations were that a window and door package that could provide this level of performance would be substantially more expensive than the lower-performing windows a market-leading supplier could provide.

But when Fentrend ran the package against its database, it identified an innovative supplier that was able to provide certified products rated to achieve the necessary performance requirements at substantially the same price as what market-leading suppliers would have charged for products offering drastically inferior performance.

When the renovation was completed using these high-performance products, the townhouse passed all industry testing and received full certifications.

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